For those who have panic/anxiety attacks...

I've been having these anxiety attacks lately. It always happens when I'm sitting down doing nothing. My heart starts racing, I get this random heat flash and oh my gosh, I'm so claustrophobic!!
At this point, I'm 38 weeks and 2 days. I've held off talking to my doctor about it; everyone says it's just from extra blood flow.
Today, I told my doctor about it. She set up an emergency EKG with a cardiologist. She said this could cause issues during labor and birth. 
I'm so far along, she's pretty concerned because there isn't a lot of time to really look into it.
I asked a few weeks ago about this. There was a few people that said that this same thing was happening to them. If it's happening to you, please mention it to your doctor!!! Sure wouldn't want your heart to get too overwhelmed in labor and something terrible happen to you or your baby. :)