Teenage drama.

So I'm adding this anonymously for a reason. I'm a teenage girl and I don't want others seeing me in this light because of my age. 
So I have this friend, been friends since we were ten. I had my first "real" boyfriend(I wouldn't call it real) when I 14-15, I regrettably lost my virginity to him. I was young and stupid and was pushed into it. 
Anyway, I broke up with that douche when I was 15. My friend then started to speak to him and pretend flirt with him as a joke. I thought it was funny the very first time even though I wasn't there. Cruel I know. But that was two years ago now, I'm with a different guy now, I'm more mature and I don't even think about that douche any more. 
My friend on the other hand has continued with this pretend flirting this whole time. She's met him once while we dated, they live about an hour away from each other. Now normally I'd be like whatever I don't care. But now she's messaging my current boyfriend, then messaging me saying "he's being really friendly xxx". I saw the messages, it was "school sucks" and "I know right" nothing more than that. 
Now I seem like a little jealous teenager, I trust my boyfriend to not do anything and that's not even the problem. I'm annoyed at her. She's meant to be a close friends and she's still talking to my ex, who's done some nasty things to me. All of which she knows of. And is now trying to make it seem like my current boyfriend is being a flirt. 
Then she messaged me after sending my boyfriend snapchats and not me that she wants to catch up. She was a good friend, but now everything she talks to me about is my ex and my current boyfriend. Like I can't see her and just hang with her you know? 
I honestly just want to dump her as a friend because I've asked her before to kinda stop but she doesn't. 
Am I just overreacting, or is she being a shitty friend?