I'm driving everyone nuts!!

After trying to get pregnant for 5 months, we finally got our BFP and shortly after I was laid off. Less than a week after that I had a miscarriage. Ever since I've been applying and can't seem to even get an interview! So I've been trying to stay busy and keep my mind occupied, so I've been throwing those online Facebook parties...younique and now scentsy. All my friends on fb probably hate me because I keep adding them to these parties and then post in these parties all day long! But this is the only way I'm able to fully keep my mind occupied and not down in the dumps sad. Only our parents and my best friend know we had a miscarriage so our parents understand why I'm sticking my head into these things. And also not everyone knows I was laid off, I feel like I'm worthless and it's not something I want my whole family's opinion on (I know they will all give me their opinions). So when I talk to my BFF I try to not talk about wanting to be pregnant everytime but that's all that's ever on my mind anymore. She doesn't understand because she has no intention on getting pregnant anytime soon. And all she ever says to me is that I need to leave it alone, and I'm sorry but that's the last thing I want to hear! Rant over, I'm sorry I probably annoyed you too, but I just feel like this is a place where people can vent and not be overly judged.