Please help me!

I want some opinions. So my hubbys mom and dad are divorced. Have been for for about 8 years now. I'm 22 and he's 24. He and his step dad have NEVER been close. Never really liked each other at all. I don't really care for him too much myself but I'm always cordial. So lately my MIL has been going on and on about the baby calling her husband grandpa and I'm just not comfortable with that. I'm almost 22 weeks and not once has he asked ANYTHING about this pregnancy like how I'm feeling or the gender or how far into the pregnancy we are. You know. Simple things someone having a grandchild would ask (My hubbys dad asks all the time) . I just don't think he deserves it. And honestly I don't think he cares. I just know my MIL will flip when we tell her this (alcoholic). Am I wrong?