I don't know if this is worth it....


Sorry if this is a long post.

I am 40 y/o and have 3 grown children. Never had a hard time getting pregnant. Always happened the first month we tried.

Fast forward 20 years. I'm married to a man who is 10 yrs younger than me and he has no children.

He already knows he has a health condition that will make it difficult to get pregnant. But he broke down a few months ago and cried to me saying he would never forgive himself if we didn't try to have a baby. He longs to have his own child. I might add, he's a wonderful step dad!

So, now we've been trying. However, my life has been consumed by ttc. Every free moment of my day is thinking about what's going on with my body and what can I do to improve our chances. I've been moody because it's all I think about. But he doesn't seem phased by this in the least bit. If I didn't get his vitamins ready everyday, he wouldn't even think of it. Hell, even with me getting them ready, he doesn't take them.

I'm so stressed about this and he now acts like he doesn't care. This makes me think, why am I stressing myself out? If he doesn't want to work at it as much as me, why do I bother?

What do you ladies think? ?