Got a goodun 😍

I was so tired last night. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and at the stage where I feel bloated fat and icky. I'm quite small and my sticky out stomach and constant urge to eat all of a sudden is getting me down. So i went to bed early and had a little cry (not like me normally - my hormones must be shot) and my fiancΓ© came up after me. Got into bed, gently put his arms around my waist and pulled me between his legs and laid me back on his chest. He wiped my tears, told me I'm beautiful and just gently rubbed my boobs and belly. Told me he loves knowing that i'm growing part of us inside me. He was so gentle and quiet and it just relaxed me so much. I I just thought ... I can't believe how lucky I am to be having his baby. And then that made me cry even more.Β 
What the hell! πŸ˜‚