Best friends girlfriend is being annoying

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So my husband has this best friend he basically grew up with, he's like a brother to me the guys lived with each other since years now and like we got married and our best friend lives with us.
He's straight up our best friend and the three of us are just THE trio you know, we go everywhere together we're just like a family.
So he has a girlfriend now/ is seeing this girl and she's really very sweet. I really like her a lot my hubby thinks she's okay so he doesnt have a problem with her, she's cool and all but she honestly is just so cold.
Its kinda annoying because like we've been hanging out all together a few times now and you know we three were just talking last night being silly like dancing in the kitchen and the guys were drinking a little bit and she didnt say a word I mean I tried to get her up and idk drink or dance or talk but she just didnt want to.
She isnt a shy girl she just looked so idk annoyed? My hubby said it could be jealousy but honestly its not like we dont want her or anything she's 22 years old she kinda has to integrate herself as well a little bit.
Our best friend didnt really know what to say and he was hella pissed because she just left and he didnt have much girlfriends before, he and my hubby used to like bang every girl in town so I think it might be jealousy or just no trust but it sucks and I really want to work it out because she's the first girl in a long time he showed some interest in.