Cervadil--anyone have experience?

So the question is not whether or not to induce, I definitely am going to next week.  I had to with my son as well.  My question is about the cervadil insert.  With my son I simply went in super early one morning and started pitocin.  I responded well and had my son about 10 hours later.  This is a different doctor, because we moved states, and he is sending me in the night before to do the Cervadil and then come break my water early the next morning and I am guessing start the pitocin then as well.  My concerns are really about whether I need the cervadil. I'm already 1-2 cm dilated and 35-40 percent effaced, according to his estimations, and I am worried that the cervadil will simply just send me into crazy contractions and then they won't have much time to get me an epidural and prep for delivery.  A lot of what I have read about with cervadil are people who needed it to start dilating or effacing at all.  I trust my doctor, he's been in the business for thirty years and he is super respected and nice, but I just...I don't know, it worries me to use kings that might be unnecessary!  Any thoughts from anyone with any experience??  Is it ok to ask him to just use pitocin?  Is that insulting to him?