I can not cope anymore!!!

Rosie • Can't wait to be married to my King 💍👰🏼 December baby on board 💗💙☺️
This morning sickness that just doesn't end in the morning is really really really getting on my nerves now. 
I'm so fed up with this constant feeling of nausea and the actual throwing up! I recorded down yesterday and I was sick 16 times! Is that even normal? I'm quite concerned for the baby. I've lost a bit of weight as well with it. 
It states literally as I entered my 6th week and now I'm nearly 9 and it's just absolutely horrendous. 
Tried everything! 
Just having a rant because I think I'm doing my partners head in moaning even though he's so supportive and says don't worry I'm not but has anyone had it bad so far? 
I feel quite low and in a shitty mood with it 😔 just so fed up with vomitting! Please tell me it gets easier!!