Feeling Unneeded--sexually

My fiancé is really straight laced about sex. I always ask him if there's anything special he wants me to do to make it better for him but he always says no. I've explicitly asked if he would be interested in light kinks like light bondage, blindfolding, biting, hair pulling, incorporating food, watching porn together, watching me touch myself, incorporating sex toys...and it's been a no on everything. He also doesn't like blow jobs (I know, right!?). It just feels like sex is all about me all the time and there is nothing for me to do to HIM to feel involved like I'm not just laying there like a dead fish. I want to be involved. The only thing he has ever said is for me to talk more. I'm pretty experienced but I've never been someone to say words during sex. I moan and all that but I never say things. That's the only thing he's requested though and I want to be better at it. Do you guys have any tips for how I can not feel stupid while "dirty talking" or other suggestions on things he may like that involve ME doing something?