Why oh why???

I haven't felt beautiful in a very long time until tonight. I curled my hair, contoured my face (I actually got it right 🙌🏽) and put on some sexy underwear.
What does my man do? 
He didn't even give me a second look. He looked at me and said 'I'm online with the lads, don't talk because they will hear you' 
So I went in the bath and washed everything off. I'm so upset he didn't take an interest in me. He never tells me I'm beautiful even though everyone else does. I always get attention even when I go to get food shopping? We haven't had sex in two months and I asked him why, his reply is either 'I don't know' or 'I haven't got the same sex drive I used to have' 'im too tired' and all this bullshit. I know he's not cheating but he is watching porn. I'm sick of having to block it on his phone just to get attention. That's the only time he will have sex.