Just have to let her cry (vent/rant/ long)

No. I refuse. 
I'm so sick of people (my husband especially) telling me that I just have to let her cry to get her to do (insert whatever here) 
She's two months old! "Crying it out" is just going to make her realize that no one is there to help her. 
Why do people act like making a small infant cry for hours somehow makes them a bigger person. Congrats you made a baby,who can't even hold up her own head, cry. Congratulations do you feel powerful now? 
I know she can't soothe herself right now. Why in the hell would I want to make her cry for hours so that I can get her to sleep in her crib? Like a baby who wants to be held and nursed is the worse thing ever. 
He also thinks she is manipulating us somehow.... 
I wish I had a baby who I could just put in a crib and walk away and she'd sleep for hours on end but I don't. So when I voice frustration over it I don't want to be told to let my 8 week old cry for hours. 
What's the point in having a baby if you want to make them "cry it out" I had her on purpose she was very very planned. Why punish her for doing what babies do. 
I realize at some point in time she will need certain boundaries set, but that's not right now.