Might be able to see the gender on Tuesday!!!

🐚Shimmering • Lucian was born 10/5/26 @ 1:29 am!

I have an appointment on Tuesday May 24th, and I wasn't originally supposed to have an ultrasound til my 20th week but I am going to beg the Dr to maybe do one when I go in. The reason, being that the following Friday, my SO and I are going to meet my birth father and I'd really really like to be able to show an up-to-date u/s to my dad and maybe even tell him the gender of his first grandbaby. I'm hoping my doctor will see how sentimental I am about this whole thing and do it for me. They really don't do more u/s unless its a health concern. And my insurance only covers two 😒

So I may end up getting a bill for it but what the hell.

Just excited to possibly find out! 😍😍