Holy. Crap.

Today I was induced with my second son, at exactly 40 weeks. At 8am my husband and I arrived, were hooked up to pitocin, and started at a 2. At 2 or so, my water broke on its own (there is so much frickin liquid in there), and by 3 I had only progressed to a 3. Gradually, my pain became stronger and I opted for an epidural at about 6pm. After multiple attempts and a small breakdown due to having only an hour of sleep the night prior and the weird shocks pains, I had my epi catheter and was mostly numb. Sadly, it only lasted about an hour, before I started feeling pressure and the need to poo. I tried talking my nurse into just letting me sit on the tiolet to try, but thankfully she knew better and asked me to let her know when the feeling wouldn't go away. It only took about 45 minutes before I called in a nurse, saying I thought it was time to push. I was rechecked and discovered to be an 8, but the lip of my cervix was still over babies head. Not 3 minutes later, i was rechecked and fully engaged.They asked me to pant through it while they hunted my OB down. After 10 or so minutes of near tears (because my epidural was suddenly not working where baby was, and only on surface skin) and moaning through not bring able to push, my OB gave me permission to begin. Holy. Crap. First off, it was so relieving to push. Second, I totally pooped. Like, a lot (gosh darn fiber and raspberry leaf tea), which was embarrassing as hell, but I didn't give a heck because I was trying to get my baby out. I kept pushing for about a half an hour, almost losing consciousness because I kept holding my breath. Finally, Jayce was born at 8:13pm, giving me a second degree tear and tiny bit of vulva damage. I was instantly given skin to skin and was able to breastfeed him within an hour of his birth. He weighed a total 8lbs and 14oz, had a 14 inch head (no wonder the trama), and is 19 inches long. It wasn't my ideal birth, due to the lack of pain control, but by God, I did it. I birthed my baby, even though I wanted to cry and just give up. He is so worth it, and I am so excited for his big brother to meet him tomorrow.