Tattoos and baby's


I am just absolutely frustrated! I was shopping for a few last minute baby items this morning. In the store were plenty of other pregnant women, and families.

On family in particular was a woman, her daughter who was probably around 4 years old, and either the aunt or mother of the woman. I ground my teeth listening to them talk down to the little girl who was upset that something had spilled on what I could assume was her favorite dress. I ease dropped near by ready to say something if they crossed the line with the girl.

One of them saw me and then turned their snarky comments from the upset girl to me and how my tattoos made me unfit to be a parent and how it was a bad example for children.... Blah blah and they even went as far as to say that I would probably beat my baby because of my tattoos.

What the hell. . .

Some people suck.

I will admit I judged these two women but I did so based on their actions and how they treated the girl but yet they feel justified in judging me solely by my appearance. It really drives me up the wall that there is still such a negative association with people and tattoos.

I work in ECE for a living, that is my job I teach and raise other people's children for a living. I find the sakura tree on my forearm to be less offensive than the belittling coming out of their mouths.