Do any of you moms feel this way?

Hello Ladies!!
I am FTM to a 1 year old girl and I stay at home. It's been a wonderful year and I love being with my baby girl. But sometimes I get frustrated because I am literally stuck at home. I cook, look after my daughter and my day literally goes doing chores at home. My husband has a very demanding job and he s literally drained out by the time he comes home. But he still manages to go to gym, occasional drinks with friends. I don't mind that because he will always ask me before going out whether it is ok with me and he is a big help at home whenever he can. But the thing is I get cranky because I am constantly either cooking or cleaning or laundry all with looking after a one year old and sleepless nights. I have few friends who are also in same situation as me so we don't meet that often. I Donot have time to go to gym forget pursuing what I like. Mind you I love being at home with my daughter but sometimes I feel soo frustrated and I end up fighting with my husband and feel bad about it. I literally have no help. I don't look after myself. Now with summer coming I feel like going out with my husband and baby but I am either cooking or feeding my one year old who literally takes two hours to finish her meal. And making my daughter finish her meal is another huge task. I have to constantly behind her leaving all my work to make her eat something.i feel like a failure. I feel I am not good at managing my time or home chores and not taking my daughter out.
Does anybody else is in the same situation?  How do you ladies take out time for yourself yet manage everything at home with a baby?