Group B Strep experience

I'm not sure how to look up topics on here but I know this has been talked about already so I apologize. Today I found out I tested positive for Group B Strep. I'm 38 weeks. She said that I will be required to stay for 48 hours but most people do anyway and that I will have to just have antibiotics during labor. 
Has anyone ever had this before? How did testing positive change your delivery experience? Will we still be able to do things normally with our baby? I should have asked these questions at my appt but I always seem to draw a blank when sitting in front of my doctor. I do know of someone who gave birth with an on call doctor who didn't look at her chart where it said she tested positive and he didn't give her antibiotics so she and her baby were there for a week because her baby got sick. I will be reaching out to her to ask questions on her specific experience also but thought I would ask here too! Thanks!