Baby is almost here - Active Labor

Started having contractions (felt like period cramps and back cramps) at 3am, about 9 minutes apart. Started getting diarrhea and wasn't sure if it was just cramping from that, but then that passed and they were 4 mins apart and shooting pain down my thighs and up my back. I went in at 8:30am and they admitted because I was 5cm and 100% effaced. Labored without any paid meds or IV until I was about 7cm. Which was great because I was able to move around and squat through contractions. Back labor got super intense and just got the EPI when at 7.5cm. Best. Decision. Ever. Just want to encourage you to keep an open mind. I wanted a natural birth if possible but now that I'm going through it, can see the benefits of saving my energy for pushing and getting the epi for pain relief once I was progressing quickly. Just do what is best for you and baby! I can't even feel my contractions but can still move my legs. Can't believe I'll be meeting my little angel soon. Waited 9 years for this little miracle!