Should I move on!! Two guys..Heartbroken ...

Sorry it's a little long, 
PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm so heartbroken but I think this is a chance. I need to know what I should do. It's gone on for too long. 
So I met this guy the first week of school. And we clicked. He was honest and told me he had a kid but not that baby momma was still living with him. I loved talking to him and we fell for each other, but I told him up front I wasn't looking for a relationship because I was still getting over personal problems I had been dealing with when I moved country. So I went out had fun (slept with a few friends) a little wild I know. But around November I finally give in and start dating him. We dated until January and have a falling out and break up. He starts 'dating' this girl from work for like two weeks, who had been texting him since December but he made it clear to her we were together. Anyways she makes him block me out of his life and tells him in horrible and not trustable. But then they just go back to friends and he's made because he wants me in his life. But won't date me cause he says I cheated and I don't really love him. 
We have been having sex and vacation and everything together but he says he doesn't see himself ever dating me. But then when I talk about being with other guys he gets mad and if he knows them tells them off. Now he's saying he doesn't know how he feels and isn't sure if we can trust me and that's where the problems are. ( I think is in love with that girl). He never sees the things he's done wrong in the relationship and puts it all on me. 
We have both been with other people and that's what he takes as me cheating but we weren't dating? (His words, not mine).
This other guy-friend I have told me back in December he liked me but I was with my ex and said I couldn't do anything about it. He now text me again yesterday but I said I'm still working things out with my ex... Because I love him. But should I just move on? Give this guy a chance he has stuck around and been a friend and I realize now he really has cared and wanted more I just never paid attention. 
I feel like my ex is just playing mind games with me.