Lets talk dogs...

Ok, so I've read ALOT of posts about pits. And aggressive dogs. And I just want to point something out.. I own 3 full blood pits, a cane Corso/ pit mix, boxer mix, and a daucsund.. Out of all of my dogs, my most aggressive AFTER proper training is my daucsund... I'm a vet tech and I work with aggressive dogs daily, I also train k9 service dogs, police dogs, and therapy dogs. I've worked with aggressive dogs being smaller then 5lbs to 150lbs.. And by far the most aggressive breed I've ever worked with are little dogs. With proper training, diet, and some times to the extreme meds (I used meds for about 3 months with my rescue pit, she was an old fight dog). Yes some dogs have bad wiring, but you can train them through it. It took a few months before I trusted my rescue girl around the rest of my pack, and now she's the best one of them.. I would never suggest euthanizing an animal unless medical reasons were stated.. With a proper trainer and time, you can train a dog away from habits you don't like, and help them. An agressive, destructive dog is a cry for help. All dogs want to be trained, they need guidance.. If you don't have the time or want to put in the effort, then please don't own a dog... You're setting them up for failure.. Diet is also a key role in aggression, corn wheat eggs, they can cause behaviors we don't like because dogs arent suppose to consume those. Bananas in small portions help release the happy hormone in there head and also help with aggression.. Daily exercise is another way to help with destructive nature and aggression, excerise them daily and they will be happier! Kennel train so they have their safe place, don't use the kennel as punishment, let them know that's a place they can go to get away from everything and be safe! And on top of all of that training! Training training training! Make them work for everything you give them and train them properly!!! 
If this is to hard or complicated.. Please please please reconsider getting a dog.. They are hard work and they need proper training, even the most trustworthy breed and "own able" breed needs time and training.