OPK Test strips unclear #Frustrated

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Hey guys,
So just more info on the topic. Really need some feedback from anyone with experience on this topic. 
The darkest the test line read was on the 18th (CD16). But my only concern is that it isn't a full (thickness) as the control line
Again I tested on the 19th (CD17) and the test line is now lighter. I also tested 2X that day 
And these are today's (May 20th CD18) test results, which definitely read a lighter test line.
I've also attached my BBT chart as I am unsure if it would be safe to say that I ovulated yesterday (May 19th CD17) as increase in temp also suggests "post spike" ... Just so confused 
We also used PreSeed for the 1st time May 20th CD18
And should I keep temping? 
Thank you for your feedback 😊😊😊👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼