I'm a little discouraged 😞 (highblood pressure) help!

Today I had my first appointment with the highrisk Doctor. This is my first pregnancy. I'm 9 weeks. 
I have to see the highrisk Doctor because I have chronic hypertension. I take labetalol 300 mg twice a day. I've been to the doctor recently and my blood pressure has been normal. Today was super high! They almost admitted me but the doctor then said no because my readings at the other doctors office was normal. He said I might of been nervous but I didn't feel too nervous. Now I'm discouraged. My husband and I tried 2 years to get pregnant and I'm having a hard time getting excited. I'm scared to get attached to the idea. It's so hard not to think the worse. I keep thinking is this baby going to make it? All my testing keep coming back normal. The ultrasound looked normal. The highrisk Doctor told me to start taking baby aspirin with my first dose of labetalol (81mg) in the morning.
Anyone have any advice for me? What helped you lower your blood pressure?
I also try to do less than 1,500mg of sodium a day. It's hard! But I always watch my salt intake. I've had chronic hypertension for 6 years. I'm only 30years old.