I've just had sex for the first time, help please (story) !

Okay I'm 16 years of age and had sex for the first time today, and yes it was safe and we were very responsible, but when we first had it (at about lunch time) it really hurt like hell then it was alright for a little bit after, but it hurt like hell at the start, then later on we did it again and it hurt but not as much, and no blood or anything came out at all both times,  I'm not sure if my hymen broke, or if it did, with no blood, but I don't want it to hurt next time we have sex, why did it hurt the second time? Like does it mean my hymen hasn't broken or what? Does sex hurt the first couple of times? Do I have to let something heal? Please give me as much as you know about the first an couple of times after you had sex.