Becoming a vegan!

I've been transitioning for the past week to veganism. My diet is being worked out, I still accidentally grab packages with animal products but I'm trying my best! I found a bunch of yummy alternatives, and I'll be using up what's here and if it's not totally vegan just won't buy it again. Eventually I'll know exactly what to buy. As as I have been able to I've cut out dairy, meat, and fish already. 
I've started taking vitamin b12 in the morning in addition to all the supplements I already needed to treat my interstitial cystitis. I cut out soda, I do cheat with energy drinks ( the vegan ones) but cutting out soda was the most important move for me personally.
I've started a system where I drink a small smoothie in the morning ( not a big one with 10 bananas) and then either solid fruit or I work into other foods like homemade biscuits, pasta or other cooked food. 
Yesterday, I had a smoothie in the morning, then a can of pineapple, a couple bagels with vegan cream cheese from trader joes (which is really good!!!) and then a vegetable Marsala veggie burger also from trader Joes with whole wheat bread. Finished the night with Ben & Jerrys ice cream!
Today I drank my last Apple banana smoothie I made, and waffles with cherries, blueberries, and strawberries on top! Later I'll be eating home made vegan wheat biscuits made with almond milk.. Leftover pineapple juice from yesterday, and not sure about dinner yet., probably brown rice. :)
I decided to go vegan for my future children, and for my personal health. I can never be 100% vegan though due to my future career choice: welding. I can replace everything of my gear with alternatives to leather, BUT leather boots are a requirement and currently the only safe way to weld. Using any other kind of shoe should lead to second degree burns and my shoe melting to my foot.
So aside from leather boots, someday I hope to be able to call myself a vegan and not feel like someone is gonna throw rocks at me. Lol