Pregnancy Scare?

Denay • ☆彡
Okay so I'm a virgin but I'm pretty sure my hymen broke during fitness one time and plus my boyfriend fingers me. Anyway, about a month ago, I thought it would be "nice and sexy" if we grinded on each other without anything on, so we did. Ever since then I've been super scared and freaking out and I'm always like "omg I'm pregnant!!". I took the plan b pill because I was so scared and that didn't help calm down my nerves. My period is supposed to arrive in 3 days (possibly later because of the plan b pills) and I'm really nervous because I think "what if it doesn't come" and I know me stressing about it won't help and I want to cry so badly. I used to think "I'll never be 16 and pregnant like my mom was" well I'm 17 now so I guess I was right in a way. I keep telling myself I'm not but I'm still TERRIFIED. I look up signs of early pregnancy and I'm like "oh god I think I have that", I had really bad stomach aches for a while (still do after I eat spicy food) but the stomach pain is located in my upper tummy area so I think it can't be it and then my tummy gets bloated very easily (especially when I eat spicy food which I do everyday) so I get scared and I just want to know if anyone else has gone through this and if so what really calmed them down. 
Edit: I forgot to mention I ovulated (still am?) and I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen when you're pregnant but STILL, yikes!!