Feeling sorry for my hubby

My hubby is great but we have made the mistake of telling his parents about our infertility issues. They were very supportive however they have grandchildren from his sibling and they are their world which is so amazing but a lot of the time I can see they treat my husband and I a little irreverent, like they forget about him a lot. It breaks my heart and this is hard enough for us. The icing on the cake was a fb post made by his mom it said " children are the rainbow, grandchildren are the pot of gold" that upset him very much or on Mother's Day his mom said I have a secret " I'm pregnant " I was so hurt by that but they are really not bad people idk why they find this amusing. Maybe a talk is in order? I just don't want to see my husband hurting anymore than he already is. Thoughts? ( sorry this is so long )