I found the Holy Grail of pain relief (hip pain)!

🌈Katherine🌈 • 👶🏼 9.21.2016. 👼🏻 8.21.2015.
So since my first trimester I've had horrid hip pain, especially at night. Trying to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up in the morning was so painful. So I'd try sleeping in my back. But talking to my doc now I'm in the stage where sleeping on my back can cause my blood pressure to drop. It seemed that no amount of pillows between my legs or tylenol & yoga before bed could fix it. So, tonight I have been testing out sleeping with a boppy pillow between my legs. It feels like a snoogle pillow in that it curves around my tailbone, but it's not as bulky and not $80 (I found mine for $4 at a thrift store.) This is what dreams are made of!