My dad doesn't approve of my boyfriend!

I am 20 years old ands I have been with my boyfriend for about 5 months. I am away may college so my parents don't really see me or my boyfriend very often. My mom has known about my boyfriend for a while but I had been hesitant to tell my dad because I knew that he probably wouldn't approve of my boyfriend because he is half black. Now I love my dad but he is older and grew up in a time where mixed couples weren't as common as they are now. And my mom just keeps telling me that I have to understand where my dad is coming from and how he was raised. My dad doesn't have any problem with race until it comes to someone dating his daughter. My dad also recently was told about my relationship this last couple months. Monday, I had gone to visit my boyfriend he lives an hour away. I decided to stay the night, I told my dad this and he never responded to me and my mom told me to come home but I didn't want to I was angry that my dad don't approve of the guy I love. I came home the next day, I can understand my parents not liking me staying at my boyfriends house. My mom doesn't have a problem with it so she has been the middle man. My dad hasn't spoken to me since Sunday night. He never replied to my text saying I was staying. I have been avoiding him all together . I dont know what I should do about it. What I should say to him. My mom says he just needs time .