colour of discharge? Please give input!

so back in february I started becoming sexually active with my boyfriend (we wear condoms). I took the morning after pill back in february and a few days later had the itching/burning feeling and unfortunately got vaginal thrush. I took the vaginal thrush oral tablet twice (not the same time, a week apart) and the itchiness was gone. 
I've also had tests with multiple female doctors (urine, pap, swab tests) to double check and everything came back negative. 
Ever since that situation my discharge is completely different. It's not clear anymore. Majority of the time it's white (not clumply like when you get thrush), or sometimes it completely dries yellow on EVERY underwear I wear. Doctors tell me it's completely normal and it depends on my menstrual cycle. 
Just wanted to know if this happens to anyone? Did anyones discharge change after sexual activity?