What to do...


Sorry this might be kind of confusing.

So about a week or so ago, my boyfriend and I went to planned parenthood so I could start taking the pill, since we are sexually active. I asked for some condoms as well because I knew we would need them. Well they gave me a whole paper bag full of them, and when we were in the car, I took about a hand full of them and put them in my purse. The reason I did that was because we usually forget to buy condoms before we have sex, and we would have to stop in the middle of what we are doing and go to the store and get some. Anyways, the day we got the condoms, he said he liked the red ones the best (PP gave me different colored condoms, and apparently they are different sizes. Plus, we usually go through a few condoms when we are together).

Now, ever since we went to PP and got the condoms, he would text me and ask me why I took so many, and this last Friday, he asked me in person, and I told him it was because he liked the red ones. I don't know why I lied about taking them, we were half way asleep at the time he asked me. So he texted me yesterday and questioned me about it again, and he thought I was cheating! I explained to him why I had them.

Since yesterday, he says he has thought about it and believes me, but now he doesn't text me often, he didn't even say "Good morning ❤" like always, he texted me "Hey there".

So my question is what should I do? Should I give him space? Should I ask him to talk to me about it?

I feel like out relationship won't be the same anymore because of this...