Hyperemisis Graviderum is kicking my butt!

Erica • Mother of a beautiful 10 year old daughter. 29 years old, been together with my husband 11 years, married 8. TTC#2
Hello beautiful ladies. Currently pregnant with my second baby. My first is 10 years old. I'm 14 weeks today and so far it's been a nightmare. I feel so horrible saying that but it's just how I feel and no one understands. My husband says its mind over matter. Family tells me it's part of pregnancy it will be over soon. My mom tells me oh I've threw up all 9 months with you it happens. I'm on Reglan and zofran none of it works and they don't get that. Multiple trips to the ER isn't fun. Not having energy to get out of bed or having a cooked meal in the house (I used to love cooking.) now I can't stand the sight of meat at all. Snacking and eating ice pops are not what I consider food! I'm hungry, angry, and sad. I'm sorry if I'm not making sense or just rambling (what a whomp crying as I'm typing) it will be all worth it at the end. And I know this trust me I do but right now baby isn't here and all I look forward to is relief!!!! I hope and pray the find a cure for this. It isn't normal to feel this way. Oh gosh hold on straight to the bucket I go!