Kidney stones

I started having pain in my left lower back wrapping around into my groin and down my upper thigh yesterday 5/29 early in the morning. I have an appointment wen so I wanted to hold off until then.. I had a horrible night in terrible pain then all day on 5/30, I called my doctor and she immediately  told me to come be seen. Turns out I have kidney stones and a mild infection. 😫😓 this is the worst pain I've ever been in!! They have me taking fentanyl by iv every hour and Percocet by mouth every 4-6 hours and zofran because I've been vommiting and on my 3rd bag of fluids. Hope I feel better soon so I can go home and be more comfortable.. 
Has anyone had this while 28 weeks pregnant? If so how did you deal with the pain and how long did it take to pass?