Don't live with your in laws!!!

My husband and i currently live with our in laws because our house is being built and don't have extra money for an apartment. We are on a budget because we constantly have to out money aside for new changes that get done at our house. We buy our own stuff. Everything we use in the house is bought with our own money and we pay half the water and light bill. Anyway the last two weeks I had to but my shampoo and conditioner bottles 2 times already! When I only have to buy it once a month for myself. This morning I wake up to make my husband lunch for work and breakfast before he goes and I can't find my dish soap, my husband asks his mom and she told him his brother had used it last night to wash his car!!! Really!! We use our money to buy our own stuff because we don't want to waste their stuff and they waste ours?? If they would at least ask then fine but not even that!!! No matter how good you get along with your in laws DO NOT MOVE IN WITH THEM. If you can't afford an apartment WAIT.