Ok so April 20th I started ovulating I also had unprotected sex with my boyfriend I had my implant removed beginning of March. Anyway May roll around I got a yeast infection (never get those) last time I had one I was pregnant with my daughter and I start having real bad pregnancy symptoms. But my period started on time on the 5th usually even when I had the implant I had heavy periods I mean horrible cramps and fill a super plus tampon within an hour first 2/3 days and it would last 7 days. Well this time I had really light cramps and my period was extremely lighter than normal bright red no clots a lot of cervical mucus and it ended within 3 days and on the last day it was a bunch of brown discharge, after it ended I still felt cramps and pinching in my lower abdomen I thought I was pregnant so I took a few test all came back negative so I went to the Dr on the 17th and blood work done for literally everything along with my pap everything came back negative so I'm left it alone. End of May I start feeling sick and I was extremely bloated all the time so I took 2 more test and they came back positive then I took 2 more the following day they came back negative but I was still having symptoms and the odd sensations in my lower abdomen then my period was due on the 1st it came on the 2nd mid day and again extremely lighter than usual no cramps no need for tampons and light red no clots it's not a regular period. It ended today but I still have the odd sensation in my abdomen. Has anyone experience this like WTF is going on?!?!?!