Worried we might be inducing too early...


After several blood tests and a 24 hour urine collection my doctor informed me I have mild preeclampsia and doesn't want me going past 37-37.5 weeks. My original due date was July 2nd, but then was changed to July 6th after my second ultrasound. Baby has measured on track with the July 6th due date from then on until recently, my 34 week appointment he was still measuring between 32 and 33 weeks. To be honest I don't recall my doctor telling me the measurement at my 35 week appointment because of everything else going on (blood pressure was pretty high, swelling and protein in urine). The day my test results came back she gave my husband and I a call, informed us of the preeclampsia and scheduled an induction for June 13th and said that would be the latest date she felt safe to deliver and it would get him to 37 weeks and "some change". The only thing I'm worried about is that induction date is not going by the modified July 6th due date but the original July 2nd due date which would put me one day shy of 37 weeks. I know it's "just a day", but I've heard a day in the womb is better than a week in the NICU. I don't know if his lungs would be quite ready yet, especially with him measuring a week and a half behind now. I don't know if it's something I should even be this concerned about, but I've got it in my head now that he's just going to be this itty bitty baby with immature lungs. I would have felt a lot more at ease if we had a growth ultrasound beforehand to double check his size. I have another appointment tomorrow, do you think I should even discuss steroids for his lungs beforehand or would 36+6 weeks (if it turns out the July 6th date was more accurate) still be a safe zone for lung maturity?

*Update* The preeclampsia got worse so my doctor sent me to the hospital tonight and they're inducing me tomorrow morning. We talked about lung maturity and she said it wasn't a huge concern, that at most there's a very very slight chance he may need a say or two of oxygen. Here's hoping for the best!!!