Second Guessing!

Hi everyone,
So I'm just curious to all those Who got a BFP recently I would like to find out what were ur symptoms before u found out ur pregnant. AF was due on May 28 and I'm using 5-6 day but I had only 4 days and really dark period. After 3 day past my period I was dizzy really dizzy I can't explain what happen I was just laying down den I felt the dizziness. After that later on during the day I had a major headache. Next day major headache again and really tired like I hiked up a hill up and down and got home tired kinda feeling. Slight cramping here and there  , nauseous and now I have a flu and my emotions r sensitive I would fight with my hu shame for the simplest things now a days and he tell me his sorry but it get worst I make the issue worst. It's not like me. So yah just wanted to share hope yall reply back and share your experience