Just an update on bean #3

Brittany👨‍👩‍👦‍👦☕️ • 28 yr old Boymom of two wonderful boys, Blaine and August. Currently pregnant with #3! Due December 2016 😍
I had my second Doctor appt today and everything looks great! I got to see the little bean again today which was a nice surprise! I got to see him at my first appt also. I'm 11 wks 5 days according to how baby's measuring. The little thing was wiggling so much in there she barely got a good measurement! Also on the plus side, I've only gained 2 lbs!! Which is awesome because usually I bloat and swell up so bad but not this time! I also scheduled my ultrasound where we find out the gender! July 27th can't come fast enough! I have two boys so I'm kind of hoping for a girl! How is everyone else doing??