Cat in heat... Bear with me.

For some odd reason my cat goes into heat when ever I'm on my menstraul cycle. At first I just thought hmm this is funny but month after month it happens and it drives me crazy! She is a total house cat. So her butts in the air sliding across the floor and yelling all day and night. Last month she got out for who knows how long because my husband forgot to close the kitchen window. (While she was in heat) and there are plenty of strays around here. My husband said not to worry because she was acting like she was still in heat. Any way my period is two days late and I'm trying not to test because I'm waiting for my cat to go in heat. 😂😂 my husband thinks I'm crazy syncing with a cat but I just think it odd that we have it at the same time and then we both are late? I really don't want to test because I wasn't even trying last month..... Am I going crazy? Lol