So my friend is getting divorced they've only been separated about 3 weeks and her husband starts talking to someone some 23 yr old, he's 35. He blows up on her telling her that this girl is more woman than her because she fixes him bfast irons his clothes for work and helps him through his alcohol withdrawals?? My friend has been with him for 10 yrs married for almost 9 she has always cooked for him, had his clothes ready for work and school, he basically mentally abused her because of his addiction and she still tried to help him with still feeling resentment towards him and he has nerve to say she's more of a woman than my friend is? Umm can someone please explain to me how this is 1 blind ass man?? Not to mention they married in prison and she stayed loyal to him for 4.5 years (not to mention everything she did for him while locked up) and he says some dumb shit like this to her. Is it just me or is she more woman than he is a man?