PMS vent

I have a longer cycle then most. It's 32 days instead of 28. Usually about a week before I'm supposed to get my period i get really bad cramps and I'm super moody. It's enough to make me think my period is starting, so for that week every time I go to the bathroom i expect to see blood. Then when my period actually starts I get sick with a cold, sometimes even strep throat, and get cramps so bad I can't stand up straight for 2 days. I hate it. If I had my way I'd constantly be pregnant. I'd way rather deal with the morning sickness, cravings, swollen feet, hormones, and birth than deal with my period. I'm just about to start my second period after almost 2 years without one (pregnancy and didn't get it back for 10 months after), and I am so over it. I wish and hope and pray every month that something will happen (condom breaking, not being careful, ect) and I'll be pregnant again.