Was due june 10th came june 4th (update)


Yesterday I woke up at 8 with horrible back pain. I finally went in around 2pm to get monitored and when my doctor checked me he said I was at a 3, and he was going to break my waters,i was having baby boy today. So he broke my water and I went from a 3 to a 5 in about three hours. No pitosin. I finally wanted something just to ease up the pain a little bit since I was running on 2 hours of sleep the night before, my lovely two year old has his sleep schedule messed up. So they gave me a demerol 25mg in my IV. Which didn't touch the contractions lol. 45 min later I was shaking from how fast and hard the contractions were coming, so my doctor checked and I was at a 9. I lost all my energy. I had nothing to push. So I requested a spinal anesthesia which kicked in ten min, I was able to move my legs still so I wasn't numb completly. Then I had to push. About 15 minutes of pushing I felt everything!! And it was amazing! Keenan Isaiah came out 8 pounds 13 oz. Cord was wrapped around his neck two times. But he is my chunky butt!! He's still trying to keep his temperature up on his own.

Update: left the hospital today. He went from 8.13oz to 9 pounds exactly! Lol he kept his temp up also.