In need of a best friend.

This hold trying to get pregnant thing is stressing me out. It's draining me. We been trying for almost 3 years with no luck. I'm losing my mind. We been together for 6 years now. My husband is the problem. He had no sperm count according to test. We find out before we got married. I love him so much that the results didn't matter to me. We been trying to fix the issue. His on HCG shots. Been on it for a 9 months.  He start making a little but it's not enough to get me pregnant. Every month I get so disparate and test. Those negatives hurts a lot. He gets very depress cause of the fact. Watching all his friends get their girl pregnant really take a toll on him. Seeing me cry hurts him the most. How could I be there for him when I'm depress myself. I try to be there for him sometime. Both our doctor request we get an <a href="">IVF</a>. We can't afford an <a href="">IVF</a>. Every month we spend a lot of money on him and his treatments.I can't stop stressing. 😢😢 Will it ever happen for us God. 😪😪