I'm at a loss right now!!

On Wednesday evening I got the faintest of lines on a FRER. The line darkened ever so slightly on Thursday (just got my beta back and it was 12). On Friday morning, a little darker. At this point all digitals were negative. On Friday evening after an 8 hour hold, I got a nice pink line on FRER and also a positive CBD that said 1-2 weeks. Since then I have been testing twice a day to see line progression, all showing decent lines but not turning FRER digital positive. Until today at around 3 pm. I got the darkest line yet, and a YES+ on a digital. Also went for another beta draw at 4 pm. 
Fast forward to this evening- a new box of FRER from Walmart and I ended up taking 2 because the lines were so faint I could barely see them. I took an EPT +\- and it was positive. I'm so confused. Can anyone shed some light? 
Top is from 3pm today, middle is 7pm and bottom is 11:30pm 😞