Opinions Wanted!

Liz • "I think everyone should like everyone else." -Andy Warhol

Okay, this is a bit of a long read, sorry! But here goes: so I'm going for my first ultrasound on the 17th and as long as things go well (aka healthy baby) I need to tell the rest of my family my amazing news! The only person I'm worried/nervous about telling is my older brother since I'm his baby sister and my child's father has decided to not be involved (I respect his decision and refuse to force him to "stand up and be a man" as my brother would say...) I love my brother to bits and I'm not sure how I'm gonna tell him, since he lives in a different province (I'm in Ontario and he's in Alberta) so it's not like I can sit down with him in person and he kind of already has enough on his plate with losing his job and most of his stuff recently (if anyone has followed the news lately about how Fort McMurray, AB was basically decimated by wildfires) I want to be able to spin this all into the best news he's ever heard instead of one more thing he needs to worry about.. I'd love to hear any opinions, tips and ideas anyone feels like sharing!

Thank you all in advance ♡