Depo shot & period

Kayla • 🎀Grace's mamma🎀
I got the Depo shot in September of last year and I had it for 6 months. I was due to get my next shot in March but I was unable to go. I've been off of it for 3 months and I've seen posts in the internet that people say it could take 6 months to over a year for it to be out of your system. But how long do y'all think it'll take for it to get out of my system if I only had it for 6 months? I'm really wanting to get my cycle back to normal. When I had originally got the shot I bled from October to December. Then it started to halfway get normal. But when i got off of it my period straight up messed up. I was having 2 periods in a month with some spotting in there too. Thought I was pregnant once because I didn't have one for almost 2 months then I finally got my period and it lasted like 4 days.