Posting pregnancy photos in bright lingerie and underwear....

Why are so many people posting pics to show off their bellies in bright lingerie, thongs, and bras? Frankly it takes away from the focus of the baby bump and you don't need to post in your underwear in the first place. We are all beautiful but taking away the focus.

Let me edit this... I can understand nude photos and find them beautiful and natural, it's the bright colored lingerie and underwear I find only is for the mom and not with the baby belly in mind.

And I'm not shaming women... Just when your butt is facing the camera and your in a bright highlighter color thong, think that's for the mom not for the belly, there is a time and a place to show off your body like that, but not when your trying to bring attention to your belly not your other assets

Concerning privacy too, they can track these photos even if your face isn't in it and yes there are mostly women on this app, but it's really open to the public. To each their own but be careful