Dr doesn't have time for VBAC

I found out yesterday at my 38 week appt that my dr basically doesn't have time for my vbac. Dr's are required to stay in the hospital with a VBAC patient and, in not so many words, she told me yesterday she will be out wed-sun of this week and several days next week due to her personal schedule. So, she won't strip my membrane to get things going (3cm 60%) because she doesn't want me going into labor while she's out bc her practice partner doesnt like vbacs. I've had prodromal labor for 2 weeks now and am miserable. So, I went ahead an scheduled a csection just to have it scheduled. I'm pretty bummed - this entire pregnancy I've had my heart set on a vbac and now that it doesn't fit in my Dr's schedule, doesn't look like it's going to happen. This baby is perfectly happy inside me and I highly doubt labor will start before my section date (13th). Even if labor did start on its own, I wonder now if they'd even let me deliver vaginally if my dr isn't present. 😢