Worst thought ever 😔

Samantha 🎀
So Sunday my husband and I had a bad fight, he said some really terrible things including how he wanted me to get out and I needed to get my own place, etc.  he left for a while, came back and we talked and said our apologies and what not.  HOWEVER...while he was gone of course I was crying and freaking out and looking for one bedroom apartments and what not, then as I'm starting to really freak out the worst thought went through my head...I thought for a moment, I don't want this baby right now.  HOW THE EFF COULD I THINK THAT?!  I'm blaming it on the hormones because I would NEVER think that even for a moment. I got so sad and thought to myself that was the worst thing I could have thought and I hope she didn't sense anything.  I know that sounds silly but I can't believe that thought even flitted through my head.  I had to tell you ladies and get it off my chest because I can't tell anyone else without being judged.