Long but Advice needed.

I honestly have no one to really go to that may understand my feelings at the moment. I'm currently 26weeks and having my first child. My baby's father was involved up to a few weeks ago where he suddenly says he doesn't know how we fighting will be good in the future(only "fight" we had was of him not being an expressive person that i needed) I didn't wven think that was fight but more of a conversation to understand one another more. BUT since then he just didn't text or anything, I messaged him a week later asking if he was ok he says he was but just been busy. I told him how i was feeling more of a burden now since he hadn't reached out at all and he just never texted me back.we have not spoken at all since then, I've seen him post snapchats going out with what seems like a girl, I confront him about being shady about it all, no response, and now that I publicized that i am looking for baby names ideas, he deletes me from social media and  msgs me saying he is effin over it. I inform him that he disappeared and hasn't been present or talked to me so how am i to plan things around someone who wont even tell me directly he's done. I believe he thinks his role will start once baby arrives but as emotional as i am, this is the crappiest thing he could have done, given our years of history I expected atleast some emotional support since i have no idea what triggered him to stop speaking to me from one day to another. My main question is, i know he will be there financially for the baby, wether its voluntarily or not. But so i can save my troubles later on would it be selfish or bad of me not to put him on the birth certificate? I know it wont affect for child support if that would be the case since they would do a paternity test. But i just don't to have to deal with him in paperwork wise, when getting his passport later on or anything that may require us both to be present. And i know he has the choice to take it to court to have some custody rights but i KNOW he wont go through that trouble. I plan on letting him see my child but under my terms. My baby will have my lastname as well. He is stationed in Colorado and I'm living in another state. So no person to person contact until baby arrives he moves back to our home state. Any advice from people who know of someone or has gone through similar to calm my stress would be appreciated thank you!