Sterilization at 23.

Zoey Rei
I know some people see this as a controversial topic so I thought it would be fun to discuss. 
I recently got approved for a bilateral salpingectomy (removal of both Fallopian tubes) after almost 6 months of asking my primary care doctor if she would help me find a surgeon. My surgery is in 10 days and I am both over the moon excited and scared since it'll be the first surgery I've ever had. 
My family and friends are supportive, which makes me very lucky and grateful, but I know many women face a much harder time than myself trying to be taken seriously when they request sterilization. Even women 10 years older than me will be told they will eventually change their minds! 
What does everyone think? Should the woman have the final say in what happens to her body once she's of age or are doctors justified in denying women well into their 30s?